Innovative Automation Solutions For Bioprocessing

Accelerate research results and R&D breakthroughs

innovative solutions

Our innovative solutions to automate the monitoring of microbial cultures ensure accurate measurements of microbial growth.

Remote monitoring

Microbial growth can be monitored remotely without interruption of cultures due to manual monitoring to increase efficiency and reproducibility. 

real-time data analysis

Data analysis of microbial growth in real-time for early decision making and proper tracking of the experiment workflow.


Automation Solutions

Advances in technology allow researchers to work more efficiently and accurately than ever before. Hence, the best way to increase efficiency is to improve the automation of labour-intensive procedures in the lab.

Work More Efficiently And Accurately Than Ever Before

Our technology will give you more control over your research outcomes

Why Our Technology?


Increase the lab capabilities to drive innovation and accelerate research breakthroughs.




Saves lab resources

We want to understand your challenges to tailor our solutions to your needs 

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Automate Labour-Intensive Manual Monitoring 

Monitoring of microbial cultures simultaneously is very challenging and consumes a lot of time and effort.

Automation Technologies In Biotech

Automation eliminates human error for process management, regulation and control

Our Experts

We have a great multidisciplinary team

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Founder and CEO

Salman Bader

Design Engineer

Yakubu Mshelia

Electronics Engineer

Ruchi Jaiswal

Market Research Intern

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